False birthdays, 80% facebook friends have on 1st January

On the first day of the new year, I was receiving ‘happy new year’ messages and friends calls, whereas I have also got facebook notification “your friend ‘x.y.z’and 41 others have birthday today, wish them well!”.

When I looked at my fb friends and their birthdays, then calculated the number of birthdays mathematically, it was more than 80% people was born on the first day of the year. — 😀 Lols

Facebook birthday notification
We really don’t need to note it in diaries or any calendar.

Have most of the people born on the 1st January?

Do really parents care about children’s birthdays, If they try how to plan to give birth a child on the 1st January?

But thanks to facebook which reminds me, who and how many people among friends, family members, colleagues, classmates, teachers and celebrities have birthday today. We really don’t need to note it in diaries or any calendar.

Frankly, I use Facebook as my birthday calendar so that I don’t forget my friends birthdays.

People are much smart to wish all birthdays and other happy days as I wrote a wish;

“Happy birthday and happy new year, wish you a very good time ahead.”

Copied and pasted this wish on each timeline.

I know many would have really born on this day but not all of the fb users. I am pretty sure many of these birthdays are false.

But Why?? How can most of the birthdays be false?

By default, all profiles have a birthday on 1st January and many people do not change it. This is not their actual birthday but Facebook auto-fed this information into their profiles.

Many of your friends might have been upset with the fact that you don’t remember their actual birth-dates. You can safely blame it on Facebook, :-p .

Anyway wish a very happy and pleasant birthday to those all who were born on 1st January, the first day of the year. They are really like blessings for their parents. These lucky people celebrate double happiness each year.

I wish they all have their wedding ceremonies on the same day and plan also to have other celebrations on this day.

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